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Call For Paper

Call for Research Paper Publication Volume 6 Year 2018

Manuscript Submission: Any time

Manuscript Acknowledgement: Within 24 hours

Manuscript Acceptance Notification: Within 7-15 Days

Manuscript Publication: In Volume 6 Year 2018 (Every Month of 1st Date)


How Publish Manuscript in INDJSRT:

·         First your manuscript prepared into MS Word 2007 according to journal format before submission. Then manuscript submit with cover letter (mention in cover letter: Correspondence author details and references of two referees with details) for publication via email &

·         If your manuscript not recevied according to journal format then directly recject and not send acknowledgement for manuscript submission.

·         When manuscript received according to journal format we send acknowledgement of manuscript submission within 24 hours.

·         Your manuscript will be checked by plagiarism checker and primary quality will be checked by the editor like journal format, originality etc.

·         Manuscript will be sent for review process and after successful review of the manuscript by the reviewer. Then editor will take decision and decisions can be three types like directly accepted resubmit with major/minor correction and rejected.

·         If your manuscript accepted then we send manuscript acceptance email to the corresponding author with publication charge details like publication amount and bank account details.

·         The publication charge must be paid within a week after receiving the acceptance email. After deposit publication charge send scanned copy of payments slip and dully signed copyright form via email.

·         We received publication charge and dully signed copyright then send payment confirmation email to the corresponding author and manuscript will be published in current issue immediately or within 3 working days.

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